My Journey in Network Marketing

Today is a great day. I just signed up as a Freedom Project Independent Distributor. I am very excited. I have dreams of doing very well in my new endeavor, my new business.
Why am I writing this blog? Well I thought it would be a good idea to loosely chronicle my experiences within network marketing and the Freedom Project. Then share it with others because my intent is to work this business for at least five years.
Let me tell you about myself first. My name is Gene Johnson. I am a fifty one year old divorced man with three kids of my own and two step children, three boys, ages 34, 20 and 15. Two girls ages, 25 and 17. I love them all. I am unemployed, looking for a job. I was born in San Francisco, grew up in South San Francisco and now live in Sacramento, California.
I became unemployed on September 11, 2009. Then on October 30, 2009 I became very sick with a disease that landed me in the hospital in great pain and would take six months to recover. In May of 2010 I resumed looking for a job. Well looking for a job in this economy is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Unemployment is great if you don’t mind falling behind on bills, not having money for your kids to do things they need to do or buy them clothes for school among many other things. As I was looking through the job boards, I came across an ad that said something close to becoming free of bills or something like that. So I sent in my information on their submission ad.
Tired of answering bill collectors, I am sure that the people I submitted my information to had a difficult time calling me. They persevered and finally contacted me. Let me explain some things first. My first time in the network marketing business was back in 1983. I was only 24 years old and my dad wanted me to join him with a life insurance company that sold term life insurance and then asked you to compare the cost of whole life and term insurance. Then save the difference between the higher price whole life and the cheaper term life insurance. The money a client would save would be invested into mutual funds. Then over time the money you invested would become your retirement and life insurance. Well, I was too young to worry about selling insurance and I had a great job anyway. I was out within a year.
My second exposure with network marketing was when my ex-wife introduced Amway to me through her cousin. I was commuting to work and back for four hours a day. I was working anywhere from eight to twelve hours a day. My involvement with Amway was short plus my ex-wife did not want to support me because she was afraid to help me host parties and watch me draw circles (Amway’s version of showing the marketing plan).
Like I said, I am unemployed and worried about my family and my future. When I was with Amway I believed they had a remarkable marketing plan and I always thought that if I had the time I could do well in network marketing. Well La, here comes the Freedom Project calling me. I have no excuse. I have the time and I have the dreams. I believe in myself and I believe in the people training me. This is my first day and there is a lot to learn but it is all duplicable. I will be doing the same thing the other successful network marketers have done before me and continue to do today. I know it will take time and that is why I am giving myself five years to make a strong business for myself.

Gene Johnson is a Freedom Project coach

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